Our Vision

Are you part of a spiritual community?

If not, my congregation and I invite you to visit us for worship, or just to talk. We were churches plural, but now we are one, with things to discover and accomplish together in spiritual community. We are learning how to embrace change, and are open to new possibilities. Are you hoping to discover and develop spiritually? Being with others can play an important role on your journey. That's why we are here, and that's why we would like to meet you.

This community's sincere desire is to know and share God's love.

You sense this spirit in our people. We believe we need wisdom and insight from each other and from all our spiritual resources. We also love music and believe it gives us experiences that we cannot find in any other way.

This community supports and cares for one another; and we are just as committed to supporting the larger community. On any given day our entire facility might be full of activity from the partnerships we have created with others. Perhaps you will find a way to connect with us or with something happening in this place. We are seeking people to share their creative energy and make this community even stronger.

We have important things to do to fulfill God's work for us, and we need the help of others.